1849 Five Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

The 1849 five dollar gold coin is one of the more common Mormon coins from the entire six coin series.

On one side of the 1849 five dollar coin you will find the phrase 'HOLINESS TO THE LORD' encircling the emblem of Priesthood--a three-point Phrygian crown over the all-seeing eye of Jehovah.  On the reverse of the coin encircling clasped hands (the emblem of friendship), should occur the words "G.S.L.C.P.G" and "Five Dollars".  This states that the coin is made of five dollars worth of pure gold.

It is currently thought that about 75 1849 five dollar gold Mormon coins are held by collectors and dealers.  The coin tends to come in very high grade and attractive grades.

We do purchase 1849 five dollar gold Mormon coins.  Please contact us and tell us what you have.