1849 Ten Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

1849 Ten Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

1849 ten dollar gold Mormon coins are very rare and valuable.

Like all 1849 gold Mormon coins, the ten dollar denomination features an open eye and a hat like form on the obverse.  (The hat is acutally a crown).  The central image is surrounded by "Holiness To The Lord."

The reverse of the 1849 ten dollar gold Mormon coin shows two hands clasped.  The date of 1849 is below the shaking hands image.  "Pure Gold" and "Ten Dollars" is also written around the hands.  This is the only 1849 coin that does not say "GSLCPG."

It is currently thought that only about fifteen 1849 ten dollar Mormon coins are held by collectors and dealers.  This limited supply means that these coins are valuable.

Keep in mind that there are lots of modern reproductions of 1849 ten dollar gold mormon coins around. With that said, we are of course interested in purchasing any authentic 1849 ten dollar Mormon gold coins.