1849 Twenty Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

1849 Twenty Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

The 1849 twenty dollar gold coin is the highest denomination coin minted for the entire Mormon gold issue.

The twenty dollar gold Mormon coin is not only an important denomination to the Mormon series, but this coin is in fact the first twenty dollar gold peice minted for circulation use in the entire United States.  The Mormon twenty was issued three months before the federal 1849 $20, and a full year before the 1850 double eagle.

It is thought that around one thousand 1849 twenty dollar gold Mormon coins entered circulation.  The gold used for the issue was low quality and the twenty dollar gold coin had almost three dollars less gold in it than it should.  This fact meant that the coin was a bit of a hot-potato to a very precious metal aware society.

Today there are somewhere around fifteen 1849 $20 gold Mormon coins known to exist.  Most of the survivors are well used and not exactly show pieces compared to the two lowest denomination coins which were much easier to save.

The 1849 twenty dollar Mormon coin has a similar design to other 1849 Mormon coins.  There are two clasped hands, an all seeing eye, and a three pointed hat.  "To The Lord Holiness", "GSLCPG", and "Twenty Dollars" are all written out on the coin.

Keep in mind that there are lots of modern reproductions of this coin out there.  With that said, we are of course interested in purchasing any authentic 1849 twenty dollar Mormon gold coins.