1860 Five Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

1860 Five Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

The 1860 five dollar gold coin has the most unique design of all Mormon coins.

The obverse of the 1860 $5 gold coin features a crouching lion in front of a small pool of water.  The lion is surrounded by the phrase "Holiness to the Lord" written in the deseret alphabet.  The alphabet really just looks like strange characters to the observer today.

The reverse shows an eagle behind a beehive.  The eagle is clutching arrows in its talons.  Deseret Assay Office Pure Gold 5 D is written around the eagle.

Gold was discovered in Colorado in 1858, this led to an increased amount of gold coming into Utah around the same time period.  This new supply meant that new coins could be minted.  Coins struck between 1859 and 1861 are all of the five dollar denomination and all the coins say 1860.

It is thought that less than one thousand 1860 five dollar gold Mormon coins were minted.  Today less than 100 are known to exist.

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