1850 Coins

1850 Five Dollar Gold Mormon Coins

The 1850 five dollar gold coin is very similar but also very different from the 1849 coin.

The reverse of the 1850 $5 gold coin features two hands clasped and supposedly shaking.  Underneath the hands is the year 1850 and Five Dollars.  Above the hands is the abbreviation "G. S. L. C. P. G."  This stands for Great Salt Lake City, Pure Gold.  All of this is exactly the same as the 1849 five dollar coin.

The obverse of the 1850 five dollar gold mormon coin is different from the same 1849 reverse.  The 1850 reverse has nine stars.  The hat/crown above the eye is also different; the 1850 crown has three points.  There is also a halo or circle between the eye and crown, which is not found on the 1849 coins.

Lots of 1850 five dollar Mormon gold coins were minted.  However, due to impurities, they didn't stay in circulation very long.  Today there are less than 100 known to exist with collectors.

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